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Alchemia is a drug discovery company with a novel carbohydrate platform technology focused on the development of a generic Synthetic Heparin and on discovering a pipeline of oncology and antibiotic therapeutics. Alchemia has leveraged its carbohydrate chemistry expertise to develop a more efficient, economical manufacturing process which Alchemia believes will ensure its generic Synthetic Heparin will be cost competitive with Arixtra and other heparin-related drugs, providing Alchemia with a potentially significant share of the $US3.5 billion worldwide heparin market. Alchemia's generic Synthetic Heparin is being developed in collaboration with manufacturing partner The Dow Chemical Company and marketing partner American Pharmaceutical Partners and is expected to be launched in the US in 2008. For further information on Alchemia's drug development projects please refer to the company's website alchemia .au. Sustainability as management task The BMW Group is committed to applying the concept of sustainability in practice and integrating it into daily business procedures. Therefore, the BMW Group's decisions and processes are based not only on economic but also on social and ecological criteria. The objectives are clearly defined: The resources required by the Company must be used efficiently and sparingly, risks must be recognised, opportunities taken and the Company's reputation enhanced by responsible actions towards employees and society. These aims are of decisive importance for the Company's future viability. Against this background it becomes clear why sustainability and business success belong together in the BMW Group. Using resources responsibly Using production materials, water, energy and capital sustainably means handling resources sparingly, efficiently and thus responsibly. This applies to all Untington's disease HD ; is a genetic neurodegenerative disease with a complex set of symptoms and an insidious progression that continues until death. The cause of HD is the pathological expansion of an unstable CAGn ; trinucleotide repeat within the coding region of the HD gene for references, see 1 ; . The CAG repeat codes for a polyglutamine repeat in the huntingtin htt ; protein. To date, 9 other `polyglutamine repeat' diseases have been identified, including spinobulbar muscular atrophy SBMA ; , several of the spinocerebellar ataxias SCA1, 2, 3, 6, and 17 ; and dentatorubralpallidoluysian atrophy DRPLA ; . In each of these diseases, the protein carrying the mutation and also the distribution of neuronal loss is different. The different protein context in each disease is likely to be responsible for the difference in the patterns of neurodegeneration ; . However, the fact that all of these diseases are caused by a similar mutation, coupled with the fact that they are all are dominant, except SBMA that is X-linked ; , adult-onset, progressive neurodegenerative diseases, suggests that they may have a common underlying pathological mechanism.

Pulmonary arterial hypertension is commonly thought to be a consequence of long standing vascular remodeling characterized by proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells, endothelial cells and extracellular matrix 2, 10, 12 ; . However it can also occur abruptly as is seen in acute lung injury. In such setting it is felt to be due to active vasoconstriction rather than remodeling. Local.

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I. Introduction II. Peripheral Regulators of Appetite A. Adipose tissue hormones B. Pancreatic hormones C. Gut hormones III. Central Regulators of Appetite A. Hypothalamic structure and neuronal pathways regulating appetite B. Hypothalamic regulators of appetite C. Reward and regulation of appetite D. Brain stem regulators of appetite IV. Future Directions. The activity and expression of placental nutrient transporters are primary determinants for the supply of nutrients to the fetus, and these nutrients in turn regulate fetal growth. We developed an experimental system to assess amino acid uptake in single primary villous fragments to study hormonal regulation of the amino acid transporter system A in term human placenta. Validation of the method, using electron microscopy and studies of hormone production, indicated that fragments maintained ultrastructural and functional integrity for at least 3 h. The activity of system A was measured as the Na -dependent uptake of methylaminoisobutyric acid MeAIB ; , and the effect of 1 h incubation in various hormones was investigated. Uptake of MeAIB into villous fragments in the presence of Na was linear up to at least 30 min. Insulin 300 ng ml, n 14 ; increased system A activity by 56% P 0.05 ; . This effect was also present at insulin concentrations in the physiological range 47% at 0.6 ng ml, n 10, P 0.05 ; . Leptin 500 ng ml, n 14 ; increased Na -dependent MeAIB uptake by 37% P 0.05 ; . System A activity increased in a concentration-dependent fashion in response to leptin n 10 ; . However, neither epidermal GF 600 ng ml ; , cortisol 340 ng ml ; , nor GH 500 ng ml ; altered system A activity significantly n 14 ; . conclude that primary single isolated villous fragments can be used in studies of hormonal regulation of nutrient uptake into the syncytiotrophoblast. These data suggest that leptin regulates system A, a key amino acid transporter. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 88: 12051211, 2003 and aromasin!
Polymerase chain reaction was first introduced by Mullis et al36 in 1986. Since then, it has become one of the most pervasive techniques in biological research for detecting DNA and RNA via reverse transcriptase PCR [RT-PCR] ; from a large variety of biological sources. It has several advantages over other detection technologies: it is fast, very sensitive, needs little starting material, and is relatively inexpensive. However, given the geometric amplification that occurs, specificity depends on a primer pair that has high fidelity for the template. If the primers misprime, which usually occurs during the first few cycles, inappropriate PCR products may be made. The degree to which this occurs depends on how well the primers were designed, the reaction conditions, and the cycling parameters used. One way to eliminate extra-assay PCR products is to use a nested PCR protocol. In this method, 2 pairs of primers are used sequentially. The first primer pair amplifies an initial sequence amplicon ; that flanks and is larger than the intended target sequence using a complex template eg, genomic DNA or complementary DNA from mRNA ; . Following the first PCR, a small aliquot of the product is used as a template for a second PCR. The complexity of products following the first PCR is orders of magnitude lower than for the first PCR. The sec.

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Omacor Hyperlipidaemia Cilostazol Pletal ; Fondaparinux sodium inj. Arixtra ; Clopidogrel Plavix ; Acute coronary syndromes ACS ; Intermittent claudication Anticoagulant Solvay Pharmaceuticals Otsuka Pharmaceuticals SanofiSynthelabo Organon SanofiSynthelabo BristolMyersSquibb ! Launched April 2002 EPAR. ! Reviews: The Formulary Monograph Service April 2002, UKMi September 2002 Link ! Licence extended to include prevention of atherothrombotic events in patients suffering from non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome unstable angina or non Q wave myocardial infarction ; following publication of the CURE study. ! Launched October 2002 ! Reviews: UKMi NPC February 2002 Link - pp, Critical Appraisal by the London Medicines Information Service Link, Wessex Medicines Information Service Link pp. Bosentan Tracleer ; Pulmonary hypertension Actelion ! Endothelin antagonist. ! EPAR ! Reviews: The Formulary Monograph Service October 2001. ! Launched June 2002. ! Omega-3 ethylester concentrate containing omega-3 fatty acids with vitamin E. ! Launched September 2002 and artane. Intelligent, True On-Line Protection for Sensitive Network Equipment Included PowerAlert automatic shutdown and monitoring software Adaptable to rack, stack or tower applications APC Model Rack Tower Models SUOL1000XLI SUOL2000XLI SUOL2000XLI SU5000RMI5U SU5000RMI5U SU5000RMI5U Tripp Lite Model SUINT1000RT2U SUINT2200RT2U SUINT3000RT3U SUINT6000RT3U SUINT6000RT3UHV SU10KRT3UHV Key Competitive Advantage Individually connected devices can be remotely controlled. Higher output wattage provides additional power capacity. Larger VA capacity offers higher standard runtime. True on-line operation eliminates all power problems. Space-saving cabinet takes up less space. Space-saving cabinet takes up less space. Twenty-one patients, 8 females and 13 males, mean age 58 years range 3675 , with chronic renal failure were enrolled in the study. Renal insuciency was caused by glomerulo and arthrotec.

Jective pain levels between the LASEK- and PRK-treated eyes on postoperative days 1, 2, or 3 P .05 ; or in visual acuity on postoperative days 3, 7, or 30 P .05 ; . There was a statistically significant P .001 ; smaller median epithelial defect in the LASEK-treated group 1.0 mm2 ; compared with the PRK-treated group 16.0 mm2 ; on postoperative day 1. However, by postoperative day 3, the PRK-treated group 0.0 mm2 ; showed significantly P .001 ; smaller epithelial defects compared with the LASEK-treated group 4.0 mm2 ; . By postoperative day 7, epithelial defects were undetectable in any subjects in either group. Atthe meetings ofthe participating societies, is published three times a year SprIng, Summer, and Fall. It provides the orthopaedist with a means of and ascot.

Element heart or vessel ; . In [13], as a result of a direct spectral analysis of the linearized flow equations, the number of elements of the windkessel model is chosen in relation with the order of this low frequency approximation. These theoretical results are an explanation of the good experimental results reported for example in [20]. Remark that if one is interested by the transmission line transfer function, the approximation by a long series of winkessel models provided by this PDE approach is not a reduced model. 1.5. Reduced models of the arterial compartments based on non-linear waves and windkessel models In this article we propose reduced models of the inputoutput behaviour of vascular compartments, including the short systolic phase about 100 ms ; where wave phenomena are predominant. The long-term objective is to provide model-based signal processing methods for the estimation and interpretation of the characteristics of these waves shape, velocity ; , in order to assess the compartment function and the heart-compartment adaptation. As we have seen above, the PDE discretization approach leads to high order models for the pressure wave transfer function PWTF ; . In what follow, the main idea to circumvent this problem will be to explicitly use a propagation delay, for example the pulse transit time PTT ; that, in practice can be measured directly. A close look to the waves of interest leads to the hypothesis that they are indeed non-linear waves. For example, during the travel of a pressure pulse from the heart towards a finger, it is easy to observe an increase of the pulse amplitude and a decrease of its width peaking and steepening phenomena ; , at the opposite of what would be expected of linear weakly damped waves. Comparing the shapes of such pressure pulse wave, when it is close to the heart and when at the finger, it seems possible to interpret the downstream shape as a deformation of the upstream one due to higher velocities for higher peaks during the travel: this is particularly striking for the dichrotic wave. All these qualitative phenomena leads to consider the pulse wave as a solitary wave, for example generated by a model for the flow. After this systolic phase a windkessel model will be able to represent the waveless phenomena as in [21]. These remarks are not new, but we want here to precise the corresponding computations, in particular the type of solitary waves, in order to be able to propose signal processing techniques. In a first part a quasi-1D NavierStokes equation is studied that takes into account a radial acceleration. The radial and axial acceleration terms being supposed very small and small respectively, a multiscale singular perturbation technique is used to isolate the fast wave propagation phenomena taking place in a boundary layer in time and space ; and the slow phenomena represented by a parabolic system similar to those studied for example in [12] or [9] and leading to twoelements windkessel models. For the hyperbolic system in the boundary layer, the situation is similar to those leading to Kortewegde Vries equation when a direction of the solitary waves is chosen, which corresponds to the matching condition of the linear case. For example, using various asymptotic methods, Yomosa and Demiray [23, 3] studied the motion of weakly non-linear pressure waves in a thin non-linear elastic tube filled with an incompressible fluid. They proved that, when viscosity of blood is neglected, the dynamics are governed by the Kortewegde Vries equation. We adapt this technique in the second part. In a third part we study particular solutions of the Kortewegde Vries equation, namely the 2 and 3-soliton solutions that seem to be good candidates to match the observed pressure pulse waves. Finally we show the first comparisons of numerical results obtained along this line with real pressure data.

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Arixtra is used for: preventing the formation of harmful blood clots, especially after hip or knee surgery and aspirin.

And decrease the shear force on the wall of the type dissection. On day 5, chest pain occurred and retrograde.
Kohman LJ, see Gajra A Kohn EC, see Hussain MM Kohne C-H, Wils J, Lorenz M, Schoffski P, Voigtmann R, Bokemeyer C, Lutz M, Kleeberg U, Ridwelski K, Souchon R, El-Serafi M, Weiss U, Burkhard O, Ruckle H, Lichinitser M, Langenbuch T, Scheithauer W, Baron B, Couvreur M-L, Schmoll H-J. Randomized Phase III Study of High-Dose Fluorouracil Given As a Weekly 24-Hour Infusion With or Without Leucovorin Versus Bolus Fluorouracil Plus Leucovorin in Advanced Colorectal Cancer: European Organization of Research and Treatment of Cancer Gastrointestinal Group Study 40952, 3721 Kohrmann K-U, see Classen J Kolb EA, Kushner BH, Gorlick R, Laverdiere C, Healey JH, LaQuaglia MP, Huvos AG, Qin J, Vu HT, Wexler L, Wolden S, Meyers PA. Long-Term Event-Free Survival After Intensive Chemotherapy for Ewing's Family of Tumors in Children and Young Adults, 3423 Kollender Y, see Ohali A Koller CA, see Giles FJ Kollmannsberger C, see Schmoll H-J Kolomainen DF, A'Hern R, Coxon FY, Fisher C, King DM, Blake PR, Barton DPJ, Shepherd JH, Kaye SB, Gore ME. Can Patients With Relapsed, Previously Untreated, Stage I Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Be Successfully Treated With Salvage Therapy?, 3113 Komaki R, see Mehta MP see Movsas B Konikoff F, see Goor O Koo J, see Goodwin PJ Koon H, see Gollob JA Koong H, see Downey RJ Kopecky KJ, see Cheson BD Korc M, see Ebert MPA Korholz D, see Den Boer ML Kornblith AB, see Ganz PA see Kemeny MM Kornek GV, see Scheithauer W Korones DN. Taking Time, 3366 Korst RJ, see Altorki NK Koski G, see Bedrosian I Kosmidis PA. In Reply correspondence ; , 756 Kossman SE, see Weiss MA Kosuge T, see Shimamura T Kotz H, see Abraham J see Hussain MM Kotz R, see Kager L see Ozaki T Kouroukis CT, Belch A, Crump M, Eisenhauer E, Gascoyne RD, Meyer R, Lohmann R, Lopez P, Powers J, Turner R, Connors JM. Flavopiridol in Untreated or Relapsed Mantle-Cell Lymphoma: Results of a Phase II Study of the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group, 1740 Kovats E, see Scheithauer W Kowalski MO, see Small EJ Koyama H, see Tominaga T Kozelsky TF, Meyers GE, Sloan JA, Shanahan TG, Dick SJ, Moore RL, Engeler GP, Frank AR, McKone TK, Urias RE, Pilepich MV, Novotny PJ, Martenson JA. Phase III Double-Blind Study of Glutamine Versus Placebo for the Prevention of Acute Diarrhea in Patients Receiving Pelvic Radiation Therapy, 1669 Koziol JA, see Goodman GR Kozuch P, see Kantarjian HM Kragt DR, see Vuylsteke RJCLM Krahn MD, see Alibhai SMH Kramer K, see Cheung IY see Kushner BH Kramer MHH, see Doorduijn JK Krams M, Heidebrecht H-J, Hero B, Berthold F, Harms D, Parwaresch R and astemizole.

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The ARVO Central Office would like to issue the invitation to the membership to submit photographs for the front cover designs for these important publications. They are viewed as companion pieces, so the cover design will be the same for all. The photograph should reflect eye and vision research efforts. Of particular interest are photographs which feature overall, repetitive patterns. When submitting a photograph, send a high-contrast, glossy, black-andwhite print and identify the subject of the photo. Please recommend colors that would show the print to its best advantage. Submit your photograph, with an explanatory cover letter, by June 1, 1998, to the ARVO Central Office, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3998, Attn. Francena Jackson. The photographs will not be returned. We will not use your photograph without giving you formal notification and obtaining your permission to reproduce it and arixtra Information on doses for adults and children can be found in the British National Formulary and in Brodie and Dichter, 3 Dichter and Brodie, 6 and Stephen and Brodie.7 and atovaquone.
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