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Balloon mortgage loans

Since mortgage loan institutions have always been operating on commercial basis, they did their best to cover all possible cases of mortgage loan needs and provided the consumer with a vast range of mortgage loan options to choose from. A good example of a new type of a mortgage loan is a so called balloon mortgage loan.

Definition: a balloon home mortgage loan is a special type of loan which implies a lower mortgage loan interest rate payable for a shorter period of the financing term. It ranges from five to ten years, usually itís about seven.

After the pre-agreed initial term of the mortgage loan life is over you will be required to make a lump sum mortgage payment to cover the rest of your outstanding mortgage loan balance. Of course, thatís a lot of money you have to put down right away the same day, however itís a great mortgage loan type if you want to sell your house in several years and go for a new mortgage loan refinancing.

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